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Neurosurgery center, Dr. Osama El Ghannam


Dr. Osama El Ghannam’s History

    • Dr. Osama El Ghannam got his master degree in general surgery in 1972 from Al-Azhar University.
    • Master of Neurosurgery 1973. PhD. in neurosurgery in 1977.
    • Head of neurosurgery department at Al-Azhar University in 2002.
    • President of the Egyptian Society of Neurosurgeries in 2003.
    • Dean of the Faculty of medicine at Al-Azhar University in 2005.
    • Dr. Osama El Ghannam has performed more than 10,000 operations in various fields of the brain and nerves since the beginning of his career in 1972.

Dr. Ahmed Osama El Ghannam

the famous neurosurgery consultant, and medical director of the center, who has joined the team since 2012

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