History of the Neurosurgeon Hospital

History Of The Center

Since the first day, Dr. Osama El Ghannam, the founder of the neurosurgeon hospital, has been keen to have a comprehensive edifice for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain, nerves, and spine of children and adults; whether it is a pharmacological, radiological or surgical treatment; as well as various complementary therapies.

Neurosurgery center, Dr. Osama El Ghannam is the first specialized center in neurosurgery in Egypt since 1995.

neurosurgeon hospital

neurologist hospital

Once it has been established, the center has treated thousands of patients who suffer from neurosurgical disorders in Egypt thanks to the experience of Dr. Osama El Ghannam in neurosurgery since 1972, besides depending on the top-notch medical technologies in neurosurgery.

The neurologist hospital has also been keen to provide a distinctive medical service from diagnosis to full recovery, thus Neurosurgery center, Dr. Osama El Ghannam has obtained the certificate of ISO for the quality of the provided service in 2015.