Doctors’ lives are always challenging, but for me, it began before I entered the medical world, because of my growing conditions in Upper Egypt, which had the greatest impact on my personal and professional career to this day.

I joined the medical world, believing in Upper Egypt values and traditions in helping others who were for me just a moral duty not as a gift or cost, when I swore the Hippocratic Oath, my belief in helping the patients increased, giving back to the community that contributed to my birth and support in the scientific field. By thinking about a practical way of organizing this medical service, the Neuro-Medical Center was established by me as the first specialized center of its kind in Egypt to ensure the quality of service that I have always wished to offer patients.

I always believe that hard work can outdo individual skills, that honesty is a bridge of trustworthy for patient, between him and his doctor as well, those values are believed by all the members of a team of doctors, nurses, administrators and the workers of the Neuro-Medical center, which I have the honour to manage, hoping to achieve the highest rates of cure and to provide the best medical care to our patients who have been trusted in our center since its first day till now.